Poem: Love

By: Zunayet Ahammed


Love means You
And me
Love means always
To feel each other madly
Love means longing for
Each other
sitting side by side
Love means to walk
In the spring water
Below the hills at sunset
Love means to see the peacock dance
Going to the Safari park
Love means to touch rain drops
Love means to hear the dove song at noon
Love means to watch lot more herons
Flying towards the infinite
Love means to pass every moment in nervous tension
Love means to mutter the beloved’s name
Many times
Love means to soar in the yonder sky
In imagination
Love means to count the stars of the sky
Holding beloved’s hands in a white twilight
Love means to smell the roses in delight
Love means to swim in the blue sea together
Love means to pass the evening
Sitting by the shore of the river
Love means to find solace in sadness
Love means to extend hands for others
Love means to go here and there
With the image of the beloved in heart
Love means to trust each
Without any logic
Finally Love means
Two souls are one
to be canonized.

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