Poem: Tongues of Low Energy and Little Marco

By: Chuck Orloski


Image Courtesy: International Business Times

Down on your knees American voters!
Trump and the K.K.K. must be beaten
and from Salt Lake City, Mitt Romney
has launched Low Energy and Little Mario,
two Hydro-Anemic Bombs designed to destroy
Japs, Cossacks, Mooslims, and Dixie Chicks –
all those who oppose Trans Pacific Partnership
and insist O.J. is theoretically innocent!

Let he/she who throws dice in Ohio, Miami,
and Catskill polling booths be warned.
Very soon, Low Energy and Little Marco
stalk the Twin Sinaloa Cities sky.
Karma – I’m scared and have no more iodine.
Do Founding Fathers have any deist miracles left?
Better look out!
A single airplane, bigger than Trump’s 757,
more energy efficient than Enola Gay,
delivers U235 blows to your 401k.


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