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Poem: I let my dreams fly in the sky

By: Zunayet Ahammed


Light is flickering
Unsung dilemma
Coming forward
Stream water is stagnant
Rivers are not sinuous
Air is deadened with groaning
Spring is over
For mothers and sisters and wives
A pageant of dead bodies
Beauty is bruised
Whiteness losing its serenity
Greenness its green
Birds their desires to soar in the sky
My inspiring beloved is sniveling
After watching erosion of values
And I’m selling my visions
To the devils
Without having any coins
To make them good human beings.

I let my dreams fly in the sky
As sometimes they revile and defile me
I’ve sent my hopes in the ditch
Pleasures and delights in the dark
Passionate feelings in stream
Only I’ve kept my cry, sadness, hatred,
And disgrace from others
As my teachers to purify my ‘self’
To increase values for me
And mankind.


Zunayet Ahammed is an Assistant Professor of English at Northern University Bangladesh.



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