Poem: Murmurs of light

By: Linda M Crate


i saw your
lecherous grin
made my skin crawl
as you continued to stare
uninvited, unwanted
all i wanted to do was my
but you were making it hard
to focus on anything other
than how uncomfortable
i was—
we’re more than sexual beings
gawking at anyone
regardless of their sex is wrong
we deserve honor and respect and dignity
for we are noble as stars and humbled
by our earth,
and all some of us want to do is survive
with a bit of laughter and love and wonder
etched into our hearts;
but what good does your lust do?
lust only unsews the hymns of hearts into
entrophy, and i’ve tasted too fondly the light to
be in love with your darkness
for even night shines
with murmurs of


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