Poem: My City

By: Sandeep Kumar Mishra


My city has dazzling appearance
Its days are sweating labours
The nights are stiffly precarious
Malls, palaces, shops, skyscrapers
All things are but only a granite museum
People came from unknown places
Growing day by day like a mushroom
Horns, siren, music, pollution, buzz, silence
It never stops but crawl like a worm
Ten to five, nonstop work culture
To live here to live on term
Race to stay alive, no stop for nature
Morning walker and evening walker
As late sleepers, late risers, all machine made
Sofa, carpet, TV, air conditioner
There is light but no relief or shade
High ways are death ride way
I strive for a peaceful lee
Has city ruined me in any way?
No, it has marred better men than me
I stand alone amid a millions crowd
God was silent when I was suffering fast
I am ready to die unnoticed, but
I will build a new city before I breathe last

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