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Poem: Noise from humanity’s 1st Perimetrium construction activity

By: Chuck Orloski


The Garden of Eden Dow neither rose nor fell
and Eve’s income never surpassed $100 grand.
Methinks she got a bad rap from I AM WHO AM’s
publicity staff, underwriters, and Heaven’s D.O.J.
Why all she ever asked of Adam,
“Less kisses and a little help with lead-based dishes?”

To Eve of Eden whose
neither Sumerian, Hittite, Egyptian,
Greek, Inca, Roman, Red Chinese,
Cracker, nor Indus Valley ghetto resident,
(Eve’s yet to be promoted to Jewish-American-Princess),
The Chancellor of Flesh, Bone, & Spirit Industry spoke,
“Yes, yes, my timeless Calendar Girl,
hormones and multicolor creeds made me do it! .
‘Twas I who built the 1st Perimetrium (uterus) Wall,
made from of epithelial cells found languishing
in the ruins of ancient attacks upon Babylon’s
Triangle Shirt and W.M.D. Factory.”

The god noise disappeared into NOW
and Eve, notable Villain of Genesis 3,
thirsts for another chance to decide
whether she’s “for or against eating from
the Tree of Knowledge Good and Evil.”

Daily, countless millions People of The Book
peruse her story, “O how she failed to resist
the Serpent-in-Red-Spandex’s silly tug!”
Hmph… a weak and low energy woman?
But Eve did best she could, and last night,
incognito, she indulged rounds of Frisbee golf
with Master Carl Icahn.

Later, rested, she bought Carolina lottery tickets.
O my, can pensioners see Eve scratch away
in search of Silverado Credit Union’s paradise gate?
“Everyone a winner, Five Star Boardwalk Hotels,
all except the one indicating, scratch-scratch,
“sorry, baby-mama, but you’re just another loser!” .

Eve, O Eve,
mysterious widow of all born and unborn,
“can I trust you, come Valentine’s Day, 2029?”
To my knowledge, Background Checks prove
she neither strayed far from Eden Garden
nor trespassed the cornerstone, Perimetrium Wall.
“So under oath, dare tell me,
wherefore did you come and wherefore do you go?
And keep in mind your inalienable wrongdoing, Eve!
Everything you say, can and will be used against
Cleopatra, Bathsheba, Lord Cornwallis, Krupskaya,
Golda Meir, Pierre De Chardin, Mohammed Atta,
Wilson Greatbatch, Johnny Carson, Rachel Corrie,
Ho, Lindbergh’s baby, Whitney Houston, Tokyo Rose,
The Mother of all Hollywood Bombshells, Red Cloud,
Billy Sunday, Eddie Slovik, Rabin, and inevitably, me too.”

Flummoxed by all the tongue twisted noise,
Eve suffered vast right and left winged conspiracies;
one’s with 100 X’s more decibels than Trappist confessions!
For example, Voices in her head,
“Yo, it’s Martha Stewart calling, did anyone happen
to see ill clothed Eve swag around the Green Zone?

Like Howard Carter at Valley of Kings,
she scratched tickets to find ingress and egress,
a secret a passage to the Original Perimetrium Wall.

Scratch, scratch into vulva shaped space –
Can you feel the cosmic hurt, Eve’s labor unending?
Yellow Man multiply within The Great Wall,
Black Man multiply behind San Quentin Wall,
White Man’s portfolio teeters upon Wall Street,
Soviet Man torn between The Berlin Wall,
Red Man consigned within Fort Apache wall,
Son of Man’s rendition behind Bethlehem wall,
and Brown Man prepares to fuss up, make the
(first ever) Mexican payment on Trump Wall.

Despite obedience to Shadow Government law,
“Classified Information,”
twenty eight times (+) did I thank Eve for trying!
Later, upon return to standard Four Wall Existence,
I yielded (once again) to Scranton Wal Mart,
another Macintosh “Sale,” apples, $1.39 a pound.
‘Twas a jolly good “Save the Pound” temptation
and late last night, during a bad Dallas P.D. dream, *
Sir Anthony Eden’s Atlantic Alliance noisy ghost
arrived, and dressed in “coat of many colors,”
he reached into a Campbell (primordial) Soup can,
in vain, he tried to negotiate with me, a Confucianista.

  • July 7, 2016, two snipers shot ten (10) Dallas, Texas police officers during street protests against fatal police shootings this week in Baton Rouge and St. Paul. At this writing, intensive search for murder suspects is underway.

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