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By: Abhijeet Deshmukh


The sun is obscured by a cloud
The thunder you can hear aloud
The clouds race to be the first
To a mountain that will make them burst
This joy of rain we have known for ages
We’ve witnessed its magic, glorified it in pages
But this time, are things about to change?
Does the wounded nature seek its revenge?

Where is the rain that I wait for so in vain?
That conspires with my past; its happiness and pain
Where is the rain that takes me to a song?
That craves for someone who’s been away too long

This craving just gets stronger every year
With words unsaid ringing in my ear
The chances that I wasted have left me alone
The feelings that I concealed; I wish I had shown
The words that I muted, never made to you
The ego that had me bested, impaired my view
So I wish the rain would lash my ego today
Cause I need to find a way to drain it all away

So where is the rain that I wait for all year?
For my annual catharsis, for my conscience to clear
So where is the rain that I need to dart?
My bloated ego inside my battered heart



  1. Mr. Abhijeet,
    You write very very well.,
    Where were you all these years ? Where can I read your more poems? Which books n publications or your Web portal, if any?
    I’m very much impressed. God bless!

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