Poem: All Pleasures Are Bogus

By: Zunayet Ahammed


We are helpless
And our helplessness is full of sweetness and light
We have come from absolute darkness
And through darkness one day
We all will be lost into lonely darkness
As loneliness is the identity of our fate.

For nothing we are dreaming here
Drawing many beautiful pictures
Imbibing the matchless beauty of nature
Looking at a beautiful lady
Enjoying the weaves of the green paddy field
Staring at the setting sun
Sitting on the bank of the river
Travelling here and there.
For nothing we are standing
Here for you.

We build castles in the air
We stand alone in the field
And see the creatures to be silent
I have a telly and a book shelf
In my room and outside it
There are many things beautiful to see
The beauty of the woods and the stars
Absolutely fail to break my silence.

Nothing can make us happy
Happiness and joys
Are like summer’s rain
All beautiful things of the world
Are terrible and transient
For nothing we are running
After beauty and momentary pleasure
All pleasures are bogus
But attractive
As we come from darkness and loneliness.


Zunayet Ahammed is Assistant Professor of English in a university and an occasional writer.


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