Story: Encounter

By: Sri Ram


The container trucks that transport brand new cars between states, lorries carrying sacks of rice and wheat and jewelry shops are among a few that Arun have laid his thieving hands on yet, the police never rounded him up as he held them in his good book with eye-brow-raising amounts of bribe money. Contract killers Ashok and Vethanathan were arranged to kill Arun.

Since the cops were all in favor of him, even the rich jewellery shop owners could not get him behind the bars which made them approach contract killers. Meanwhile Arun have already reached out to promote himself a part of local politics. Someone was always seen around guarding him. Since he had plans to jump into politics seriously, he made it a habit to meet and spend time with local people.

“This would be a lot easier if we get two more with us” said Vethanathan.

“Don’t even think about it Vetha. Two more would lessen our share of money. The less the number the more the share” said Ashok.

“hmmm” Vetha grinned but he caught Ashok’s attention when he shouted “Idea” after considerably a long time.

On the second day past noon, in the market amidst so many people around, Ashok and Vethanathan shot Arun with their pistol to death instantly. Arun’s guards fled away from the scene almost immediately. A bevy of men and women from the neighborhood watched Vetha and Ashok standing next to Arun lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Contract killers Ashok and Vetha walked unhurriedly with guns in their pockets while someone behind their back said,

“That’s called a Police Encounter”.

Needless to say Ashok and Vetha were both dressed up like local cops.


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