Story: The Bubblegum Muddlebum

By: Vanessa Cutts


One day Monica was getting dressed for school and she could only find one shoe. She looked everywhere, under the bed, in the toy box and in the bottom of the wardrobe. But Monica’s shoe was nowhere to be found.

‘Wear your trainers instead and we’ll have another look later,’ said her Mother.’ Hurry up or you’ll be late for school!’

On the way to school Monica and her sister Gina stopped to cross the road by the Post Office.

‘Yuk bubblegum!’ cried Monica who had just trodden on a piece of really sticky bubblegum. ‘It’s stuck to my trainer and I can’t move. Help me get my foot off!’

‘It’s really stuck,’ said Gina tugging her sister.

‘WHOOOOOOOO! WHO said yuk?’ asked a voice that came from nowhere and sounded like someone blowing up and chewing it.

‘AAhhh!’ screamed Monica and Gina turning around, surprised to see a huge pink piece of bubblegum as big as a tree. It was bigger than huge and covered in odd shoes stuck to it like warts. ‘Who are you?’ they asked,

‘I’m the Bubblegum Muddlebum that haunts people who throw gum on the ground. Is that your gum?’ SPLATT went a bubble.

‘No,’ replied the girls.

‘Well it’s a fact that if you throw gum on the ground you will lose a shoe. Did you know that?’ SPLATT went another bubble.

‘No,’ replied the girls.

‘But I have lost a shoe this morning. My school shoe.’

‘Did you chew any bubblegum yesterday?’ asked the large pink mass that spoke in bubbles which then went splat at the end of every sentence. SPLATT!

‘I might have done. Err yes,’ replied Monica.

‘Then you must have dropped the gum on the floor. SPLATT! That’s why your shoe went missing SPLATT! Is this it?’ SPLATT!

‘Yes,’ said Monica, ‘where did you find it?’

‘I didn’t find it I took it. When you drop gum the next day you will always lose a shoe and step in someone else’s gum. That’s when I appear.’ SPLATT!

‘Can you help un-stick my foot and can I have my shoe back?’ asked Monica.

‘Only if you promise not to drop bubblegum in the future,’ replied the Bubblegum Muddlebum. SPLATT bursting another bubble.

‘O.K. I promise!’ said Monica. And with that the big pink Bubblegum Muddlebum rolled under her foot retrieved the offending piece stuck to the pavement and released her trainer. He then handed Monika her school shoe and blew the biggest bubble ever and disappeared. SPLATT!

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