Poem: Perplexed

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick


Sanity or insanity
Is everyone identical?
Permeated with secrets of denial
Filled with pain
Are people truly happy?
Bursting with joy
Are there others like me?
Simply perplexed by life

Is it only me that crawls into closets to hide?
Am I that unique that only I recognize me?
My deepest darkness is unspeakable
My mind flies high into the sky without caution
Each land me face down in the gutter

Formulating senseless decrees
Incessantly shadowed by chaos
The pit of my stomach churns
Unaware that emotions don’t persist
Why don’t the pieces of the puzzle fit?

Isolation impedes light
Tolerable, I am to myself
Seeking normalness
Pursuing peace


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