Poem: The Master

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick


Lantern flickers
The minute light diminished by raging winds
Blackness fills the room
Hope thrived, rapidly vanished
Breathing arduous

The demon attacks
Flirts with the mind
Reality petrifying
Evasion unviable
Frantic, defenseless
Desperately clawing at the walls
The walls strike back
Knives nearby taunt
One sound; the detonation

The Master stands with his leathered boot upon the lifeless chest
He crosses his arms while nodding his head
Mission accomplished


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  1. I like how your poem and your picture seem to tell the same story. Within the shadow of the lantern lies your story, it great how you poems pull you into the blackness and your words bring light to a gloomy tone.

    Great Poem!

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