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Cleaning out the Swamp’s Ministry of Truth

By: Chuck Orloski


November 24, 1963 – no, no, not the more well know 22nd! A baby boomer now, I go back in time to 11 years old and having watched the nightly news on (B&W) TV with my father Charlie, a Fowler & Williams truck driver. “Bam!” Like everybody across the U.S.A., I never heard the shot but I saw a small man, dressed in a Robert Hall suit, shoot the “nut” who killed Kennedy. My first instinct, “good… the killer deserved it!” Moments later, as Charlie prepared to go down cellar steps and remove ashes from our coal furnace bottom, he said to me, “It looks like Sheriff Dillon’s Dodge City jailhouse prisoners had better security than Dallas P.D. gave Oswald.” I think on balance my father (R.I.P.) had made a terrific Columbo-type point on that fateful day.

Years passed, R.F.K.’s and M.L.K.’s terrifying assassination, and come Riverside High School graduation, 1969, and having to sign up for the draft, I read Mark Lane’s “Rush to Judgment.” There, even casual readers, (non college bound like me), began to understand how much of a hoax were the U.S. Department of Justice-sponsored Warren Commission findings. From the basement of the mind, questions surfaced: Why were dangerous (cover up) toxins still active inside high government places? “Oh Ruby…” why isn’t the JFK assassination an “Open Case?”

1981, while employed as a Teamster dockworker at Roadway Express, Inc., Tannersville, PA, my disgust with JFK’s unsolved murder intensified to a point of obsession. By year’s end, and after having toured Middle East nations, including Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Israel, I read Robert Lifton’s new book, “Best Evidence.” At age 29, and having yet to enroll at (Jesuit) University of Scranton, I found Mr. Lifton’s book challenging; fact-filled down to forensic and autopsy detail. However, during such growing intellectual period, I especially noted how Lifton made frequent scientific reference to Arlen Specter’s “Magic Bullet Theory” and the great opposition work of young lawyer, Mr. Vincent Salandria.

The toxins which flourished in the D.C. 1960s-era swamp, and are still activated (to this date) must surely recall the name of Vince Salandria. In personal conversation with Arlen Specter, Mr. Salandria is on historical record for telling Mr. Magic Bullet Specter that he’s “either incompetent or corrupt.” Specter reportedly pleaded with Vince S. to back off and simply assert that he’s “incompetent.” No go, he nobly refused to give up ground and let stand his valid charge of “corruption.” Given hindsight as it’s typically 20/20, and after a rereading Lifton’s “Best Evidence,” I now see how Salandria could have assessed Arlen Specter’s key Warren Commission activity as criminally corrupt. “Bam, Bullet #399!” Yes, to this day “The Lone Gunman” hogwash is certified as truth, and by national curriculum mandate, is still taught in U.S. public schools.

Spring 2016, the JFK murder unsolved, but for the work of forensic historians like James Douglass, author of the brilliant (2008) book, “JFK:The Unspeakable.” Valid culprits aplenty at- large according to Mr. Douglass, including the CIA and the U.S. military. Later, Paul Craig Roberts reviewed and paid tribute to “JFK and the Unspeakable” and Mr Roberts logically added the U.S. Secret Service as complicit to the assassination. Given the fact that Robert Lifton’s “Best Evidence” made a sound case that the Secret Service was involved with JFK’s murder and subsequent cover up, I cheered Paul Craig Roberts’ daring opinion.

I don’t want to spoil the anti-Warren Commission Controlled-Opposition Party, but at age 64
and having watched almost every Columbo episode, I’d like to hear more substance expressed than, “The CIA managed JFK’s killing!” I for one ask, “can names be named,” for example, fired-Director Dulles? How much more, “The M.I.C. and Joints Chiefs needed JFK dead” can we take? Can we have a name, for example a General Dynamics C.E.O.? Can we drain the Cuban casino swamp and name names as to the elusive “The Mafia killed JFK.” Can anyone go beyond Johnny Roselli’s name and utter the big pooh bah, Meyer Lansky. As to the TV-Columbo way of looking for “motive,” was there an early 1960s Middle East country actively pursuing development of nuclear weapons capability? God help PBS documentaries and the History Channel “swamps” if future JFK assassination-research findings happen to honor the work of the late-Michael Collins Piper!

Retired now from a chaotic (22-year) environmental service career and presently employed as a Scranton School bus driver, this past Summer, I got a totally unexpected opportunity to finally grind an ax with intellectuals. Mid-August, I opened email inbox and I read a dear friend’s invitation for me to join participation in a “Vince Salandria Forum.” Mr. Salandria, a hero of mine since I read Lifton’s “Best Evidence,”my fingers trembled with enthusiasm as I return emailed my friend, and accepted his nomination.

(Note: As I admittedly failed to inquire about the particular purpose/goal of the V.S. Forum and possible topic boundaries, my eventual input became volatile, and so combusted the friendship with my purposely “unnamed” friend who had nominated me. How hypocritical now that I will not name name?) .

The Vince Salandria Forum commenced, and I entered into the conversation like a Polish Home Front trooper might have confronted Nazi invaders, September 1939. Along with brief introduction as to who I am, I attached the “Magic Bullet 50th Birthday” poem (linked below) which immediately outed my prejudices to the subtle minds involved in the Vince Salandria Forum. Very frankly, I consider it a “good Trumpian deal” for me were readers to skip reading the talkative bullet poem, because as one could judge by the zero (0) likes and zero (0) comments it received, you are not alone.

However naïve and unaware that “Friendly Fire”could be aimed at me, I did unload my pent up Dealey Plaza chamber, and criticized the prevailing Forum rush to judgment that the CIA and the U.S. Military Intelligence Community, alone, conspired to kill JFK. My points were answered by responses like, “Who is this guy?” Later, after a Forum participant read my unwanted view on who did 9-11, he howled, “Who is paying this guy (C. Orloski)?” Upset, I hesitated to sarcastically respond, “The A.D.L. and I’ll offer you (expletive) proof with 2015 income tax filing.”

Here I type away tonight, located merely a couple feet away from the 2nd floor window of our Taylor, PA apartment. Into darkness and dim street light, I look east at slow moving Union Street traffic. Downcast, as one who qualified as U.S. Army “Marksman”(Fall 1970) on the firing ranges of Fort Polk LA., I imagine what a E.U. Italian carbine rifle could do to me. (Sigh) One
chance to dialogue with a real dissident hero (non-Controlled Opposition?) of the Warren
Commission Report, and after having mentioned “Third Rail” Israeli complicity, I blew it!

What’s left for me now but to grind an ax (in public) in opposition to the respected opinion of octogenarian, Vincent Salandria. “Bam!” – Twenty-Six Seconds and Abraham Zapuder’s film in FBI’s, no-no, Secret Service’s custody. * With neither hard feelings nor a useless will to revenge, I want to convey a summation of the actual words of Vince Salandria, who within the context of a heated Forum exchange, clearly told me that my input would not get much support. School bus drivers should appreciate such scholarly honesty? By no means am I a wannabe Wiki-leak-Assange and I’m definitely not getting visits from Pamela Anderson, but for history’s sake, please refer (below) to Vincent’s having politely “taken me to school,” but (in effect) his delivery of a nebulous “end” as to a determination of who’s interests most benefited by the killing of a U.S. president who stood against Israel getting the Bomb.

Sent: Monday, September 5, 2016 2:16:20 PM
Subject: Re: A possible point of serious disagreement

Dear Chuck,

         I will address the Mark Lane and David Lifton comments which you made.  Marty Schotz worked with me from immediately after the issuance of the Warren Report.  He heard from me that I was certain that the warfare state of the U.S. government was in my judgment responsible for killing President Kennedy.  I so concluded when Harold Feldman on the Saturday following the assassination, November 23, 1963,  stated that if Oswald was killed during the weekend, only a guilty government would permit such a happening. We opined that an innocent government would have made absolutely certain that Oswald, if guilty, would live to face trial. If, on the other hand, Oswald was the Patsy which he had declared himself to be,  we predicted that in such a case he would be killed during the weekend end.  We also predicted that the U.S. intelligence community would have a Jew would kill him.  Since the left wing was at that time largely Jewish, we concluded that it would be silenced by the fear of a pogrom.  The left did settle for the lone assassin myth and stayed clear of me during my work on the JFK assassination.

          I met with Mark Lane in the autu0mn of 1964.  I told him that I was convinced that Oswald was a U.S. intelligence agent.  He was not interested in hearing me out on the subject of U.S. governmental responsibility for the assassination.  My feeling, very early, was that the assassination was a coup.  He elicited no interest in that subject. Years Later, he conceded CIA agents were involved in the killing of Kennedy.

          David Lifton and I cooperated very early in the investigation of the JFK assassination.  He never told me what he felt about my focus on the assassination as a U.S. military-intelligence assassination.  David read my early articles which spoke of the Warren Commission as a fraud of the U.S. intelligence to FBI Special Agent Robert A. Frazier, whose testimony before the Warren Commission demolished the Warren Report and designated it a patent fraud.  Only the U.S. warfare state would have had the power to perpetrate such a fraud on the U.S. public and twist the arms of Earl Warren and others into signing the Commission’s Report.  Frazier would not have been able to destroy the Report without the consent of J. Edgar Hoover.  Lifton failed to ever register with me his agreement or disagreement with
my conviction that the assassination of JFK was the work of the U.S. military intelligence community.
But to me, there was never any mystery and never any doubt.

       After the work of James Douglass, “JFK and the Unspeakable” and that of David Talbot, “The Devil’s Chessboard,” the model of explanation which Jim Garrison and I espoused has been to my
complete satisfaction proven by them to be the one which will inevitably be adopted as the historical truth.

         Chuck, I do not know you, but I know most of the thinking of the people in this correspondence. I would  suggest that you are not going to get much support for your viewpoint that the plain and certain killing of President Kennedy was and continues to be is a mystery.  I think that I speak for the members of this group when I state that they know that President Kennedy was killed for his efforts to bring the Cold War to a peaceful end.



Evidently, having spoken the best he could on The Forum, Mr. Salandria pontificated, “JFK’s assassination was the work of the U.S. military intelligence community.” I guess such unaccountable placement of blanket-blame on “The War Machine” can last forever! One day, a Charter School teacher might be allowed to tell Little Frankie and Susie (in 7th grade history class) that, “You see, students, way back when JFK was president, the American Military Community matured to a point where they could simply wipe out any high ranking politician
who got in their way!” Students enrolled in Advanced History courses might get opportunities to reflect upon the fact that during the splat moment of JFK’s “Dead-Ender”presidency, “the U.S. left wing was Jewish… and (painfully) settled for the “lone assassin myth” for fear of a pogrom.

At the dawn of President Trump’s “rigged” election, The Economist (November 19th-25th) edition depicted a colorful parade drawing of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and a little Brit drummer, dressed as American Revolution troubadours, and with a headline proclamation, “The New Nationalism!” I shudder for “The New Nationalism” which is being brought to humanity by Book Depository “Deciders” of the New World Order. “Oh Ruby….” what’s next in store for Trumpian Love and efforts to America Made Great Again? “New Nationalism” driven-imperial wars and rejuvenated U.S. workers tasked to “sacrifice”and kick-in extra income taxes for continuation of Muslim Liberation Pogroms and fulfillment of the territorial expansion creed, a “Greater Israel”? Too bad all has come down to such a lousy Permindex point where deceived citizens are being taken for a ride in the scrapped Lincoln limousine, and are taking-on “Friendly Fire” launched from Dimona’s grassy knoll.

In Wall Street Journal review (November 12-13, 2016) of Alexandria Zapruder’s memoir “Twenty Six Seconds,” Edward Kosner wrote, “(Abraham) took his precious film to a local Kodak lab to be developed… he was shrewd enough to consult a lawyer and have authenticating affidavits signed by everyone who handled the film. The Secret Service
took the copies but left the original film and the camera with Zapruder.” I am for one
wondering why either the CIA or FBI did not take original custody of the very valuable
film for which (in the end), under the 1992 JFK Records Act, the Zapruder family got
compensated $16 million.

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