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The best books by LinkedIn’s top writers list in 2016

Coming out with annual lists of the top people, top famous personalities, top sportspersons and top writers has become a customary thing for the social networks and popular publishing platforms. LinkedIn’s best read list proves that it is no exception. Good or bad, it catches eyeballs, makes us to flip through the names who have made to the list.

This year’s list has a few interesting names. Many of them might surprise you. There is no need to panic if you have a contrary list of names in mind. And this list is not the final word on the top writers for this year. In a few days, we will see lists from Amazon, Google, Facebook and others.

But the lists are a proof that authors do matter and so do their creative deeds.You have to nod in agreement that all of us still want to read stories – fiction as well as non-fiction, though the reading has now moved to the devices from the print.

Let us not waste time and see who all are in the list. Check the link


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