Trump’s “beautiful flowing sentences”

donaldtrumpUS President – Elect Donald Trump is perhaps one of the honest politicians who does not hide his grudge against the media or the press which was all out maligning his image during the election campaign. As a writer for me, it is difficult to weigh on what Trump really means when he tries to stay away from the media. He recently deferred a much-anticipated press conference on his private business dealings, pretending he was busy nominating the cabinet members. The press was, of course, pissed off.

Many media houses bitterly continue to criticize Trump. More so because Trump, in one of his victory rallies in West Allis, Wisconsin, said the press mangled his “beautiful” sentences, and he has had enough of it. Well, it is an honest admission. It is his style of demonstrating that he is the boss. While I would not side with Trump, I would admit that Trump proved that the press can not influence masses beyond a certain point.

Similar trend was seen during the elections in India in 2014 when the press tried to mobilize masses from the Modi campaign. The results proved media wrong. In America, it is unprecedented. America had never lent right earlier. This is the first time when Americans voted for a candidate who demonstrates the hatred towards the religious groups, towards the people from other countries and towards the companies which are sending jobs outside the US. Surprisingly, this would be the first time when the US President would have a soft corner for Russia.

But the press should not lose heart in the US. The time will come when he would befriend you. There will come a time when you will not misunderstand his ‘beautiful flowing sentences’.


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