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Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pumping Terrorists in Other Countries

Pakistan’s role in spreading terror in other countries is not hidden. India has been the biggest victim of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism for decades. But now, Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is involved in pumping terrorists into other countries including the US, the UK and others. If you do not trust, here is a news report that will make you believe in this news.

According to a report, “At least 19 employees of Pakistan’s foreign ministry posted in missions in countries like the US, UK and France have slipped away in the last five years.” The Indian Express writes that “Whether these employees went on to seek asylum, became illegal immigrants or betrayed their country remain unknown to the authorities in Pakistan because none of them maintained any contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after their disappearance”.

It is clear that these Pakistan officials had wrong motives. In the last five years terror incidents have increased in these countries. France has seen the worst terror attacks in history. It is important that other countries including the UN take a serious note of this and force Pakistan to call back these officials.

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