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Indian novels you should never read

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Chetan Bhagat

It’s indeed an encouraging thing to know that Indians—the middle class Indians—are finally shelling out some of their earnings to buy books, especially fiction. However, it is painful to know that most of them spend on fiction which does not stand a chance to be read. It is often seen that many of the readers, who’ve mistakenly spent time and money on sub-standard books, crib later. The reason is pretty obvious. The bookstores are replete with novels that suffer from the poverty of imagination, poor plot, fragile story and even bad language. In order to help readers, we’ve prepared a naïve list of Indian novels that do not even deserve a glance, forget about reading them to the last page. This list is aimed at warning the readers and rubbing the authors hard. The time is appropriate that the readers start to graduate to the next level and spend their…

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