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The Mystery and Controversy Around Anne Frank Refuses to Subside

annefrankAnne Frank is one of the world famous figures that has many sides to reveal. Her diary is one of the best literary works that continue to feature in the best seller lists worldwide even today. But there are many things that come out from time to time pertaining to Anne Frank which make her one of the mysterious as well as controversial figures of all times. In a latest research it has been revealed that Anne Frank “may not have been betrayed to Nazi occupiers, but captured by chance.”

Well, this has come out in the study published by the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam. It concluded that despite decades of research there is no conclusive evidence “the Jewish diarist and her family were betrayed to the Netherlands’ German occupiers during the second world war, leading to their arrest and deportation.” (

According to the study, there could be other scenarios that may have led her to captivity.

It underlines that the 4 August, 1944 raid whicAh led to Anne’s arrest could have been part of an investigation into illegal labor or falsified ration coupons at the canal-side house where she and other Jews hid for just over two years.

The mystery around Anne Frank continues. She has been a subject of discussion for more than half a century. She has been a subject of great research for literary artists and psychologists.


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