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By: J.K. Durick


It begins as an odd sensation, a feeling I remember
From riding downhill on my bike as a kid, going
Down Pearl Street, College Street, Main, almost falling,
A pulling, pushing, a force beyond my control, faster
And faster, hanging on, trying to steer clear of traffic,
Parked cars, and people crossing, not looking my way,
My brakes never seemed to work, on and on, down and
Down to the inevitable end of it, I learned about gravity,
Momentum and all those laws of physics in one lesson;
Downhill, in all the forms of it I’ve experienced, seems
Like that, forces beyond me, playing with me, pushing
Pulling, careening through heavy traffic, I still hang on,
Still try to steer, no brakes, there never has been any way
To slow it down – it just eventually ends.


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