Poem: …and the hills whispered ..

By: Pooja Abhishek Shukla


I close my eyes..
I hear nothing..beside…
a faint murmur here…
echoing like music in my ears..
swish of winds in the trees..
water gurgling down the cave..
rushing down somewhere..
to tell somebody..Look who is here..!
and I wonder…if I could lie down here..forever…
with hills rising high above..
standing tall over me..
smiling at me..proud at me …guarding me..
saying you are safe in my arms…
Just be one with me..

“So calm you stand..”, I said
“…with so much inside you…”
He says,”I enfold life into me…the trees .. the birds..the animals…
even the water…and now even You..!
I am into you….
nothing disturbs me, nothing perturbs me…
so I am calm ..
I stand here waiting for you..
to come and feel me…
see what I go through..
to enfold life into me..
see how I hold happiness into me…
how I hold peace into me….”

“So, don’t you feel that you can disturb me…
you are just a restless baby in my arms…
trying to walk around…
…sometimes you forget…
and you try to walk over me..
so I want you to come and see..
That you don’t have to be scared ..
That you don’t have to conquer me..
I am into you…and you are into me..”

“We can stay together…in love with each other…
..Don’t you realise that we are meant to be together..?
Without you I am nothing.. and without me what are you?
So go ..if you must..
But I will still be here…
Smiling at you..
with love…as if we hugged goodbye…
..But goodbye it isn’t…
coz I know..you will come by…
..again and again..
for the love …for the peace..
…For You and for Me..!!


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