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Poem: My Deserted Father and His Tears

By: Pijush Kanti Deb


She seems to be submissive to me
who is yet to witness that stern storm
which may drive a ship high and dry
but I witnessed
my deserted father and his hidden tears.
So, I grant her with a grain of salt.
she has gone the whole hog
and found no truth hidden in my heart
or she is stronger than me to hope
against hope for anything she likes to achieve.
I am contented so far
and habituated to keep good hours,
but her breaking into my life,
I assume,
can brake my running wheels
and I may find myself in hot water
playing blind man’s buff round the clock
and repenting too
for standing passive in the box
while she has already branched out herself
in my heart and soul
yet I am determined to welcome her
with love and care to judge my father and his tears.


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