Poem: As Your Loved One

By: Zunayet Ahammed 


I saw her once
in an enchanting journey
She was a princess, a beauty
to flood the dark room with “moonlight”
like the murmuring sound of the Padma
Many days back I lost.

I don’t know whether she’s away
Or in my balmier heart
Much have I dreamt her in my sweet dreams
But when I woke up I lost myself
in the “lucid outline” of her
“rosy shadows” afar.

I know you would never recall me, invite me
to visit your pleasure dome
For who is for whom here
as the bounteous nature
How could I forget you— you?
Couldn’t I remember you
after the next world
to be fused into a “tube-rose”
or the “honeyed wave” of the morning wind?
Won’t you treat me then
As your loved one?
Zunayet Ahammed teaches English in a university and an occasional writer.


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