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By: Zunayet Ahammed


Life is not getting well
Sometimes invisible darkness
appears in front of it
It then moans and groans
out of pangs.
No place to go for peace and harmony
Things are not happening
The way we are sending others a message
Expecting early happiness
Life seems to be a pink envelope to me
The more we are growing up the more we are engulfed
in flames.
Almost everyday
We are afflicted with melancholy
To me Life is nothing (sometimes it seems to me)
But a sky where we visualize a unique amalgamation
of the clouds and the rain
Today we don’t hear a song
of love and rain
Clouds of Autumn don’t make us happy
The leaves fall off of the trees
There is only decay and dissatisfaction everywhere
Nobody’s love drenches my life in perfume.

Now we are lonely quite lonely
Like those long, lonely nights
in an abyss of despair
Days and nights come and go
Birds are chirping and flying in the sky
The cattle are going and returning home
Bells are ringing
Rivers murmuring
Roses scenting the night air
Beautiful ladies are busy going inside and outside
the dressing room for arresting the best one
with their great charm and distinction
For nothingness
We are here for collecting pebbles
for a long time.


Zunayet Ahammed teaches English in a university and an occasional writer.


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