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By: Abhishek Yenumula


Dear six year old Abhishek,

I would like to congratulate you and
tell you that you are
a senior at high school and
going to graduate in five months.

Now, I know it’s hard
trying to adapt to the American
culture and talking in English
without an Indian accent.

Moving from India is hard.
Everything will be hard at first.
Just relax, and understand what
is going on. You will get the hang of

The speech classes you are taking
are important. even though you hate them.
This is to help with the stammering
problem you have.

Even with all the problems
you have, keep going at them again
and again. Make sure to do your
homework and study hard to get those
4’s on your report card. Keep practicing
your English and your speech. Reading Comprehension
and Grammar is really important. Remember
to not quit. Keep working to overcome your
problems and you will become a better person at
the end.

Yours truly,

Seventeen year old Abhishek


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