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By: Ruiquan Li


“This is what I’ve been waiting for.” Stacy gasped. “The competition could be my way to the top.”

The annual Paris art fair is near, and artists are anxiously waiting as the officials have yet to release the requirements for featured works.

“Relax,” Pierre shrugged, “we do this every year.”

She smiled, “No way I’m losing this. With the money that this will bring me, I won’t have to worry about my bank account anymore.”

“You care about the money? It’s the status you’ll gain that matters and your passion that’ll determine artistic greatness.” Pierre expostulated, lighting up a cigarette and making a call to his chauffeur. “I guess I’ll be seeing you around then.” He hopped in his limousine as Stacy watched in disgust.

“This year, our committee has decided that the competition be held differently. Participants will be paired up with a random partner, and will cooperate to deliver a collaboration of awe-inspiring art in three weeks time,” announced the official judge at the art fair opening ceremony.

“Pierre Lacroix?” Stacy stuttered.

“Tres bien. Looks like we’re going to have a great time together, my friends.” Pierre confirmed as he clapped slowly.

“No!” Stacy panicked, “This can’t be. How am I going to win with some loath, incompetent brat?”

Pierre sighed, “Why thank you. It’s a pleasure seeing you again too.”

“I will talk to the organization and have them pair me up with someone else.” She grumbled.

“You mustn’t be familiar with the rules, you either work with the assigned partner or forfeit.” Pierre explained.

Considering the importance of this event, Stacy has to reside her personal grudges against the riches. “Fine, I will work with you, but only for my own interest.”

“That’s the spirit! Teamwork makes the dreamwork, am I right or am I right?” Pierre cheered pretending to care. “If you need me to do something for the project you could see me in my mansion. Just give me a call.”
Two weeks have passed, and the deadline is approaching.
“Pierre, you’ve been missing since the ceremony. I didn’t know your ‘mansion’ was supposed to be a prison. Call me back.” Stacy worried.
A few more days have passed, and Stacy is furious. “Alright, this is a partner effort, and we won’t even be able to enter the contest if you don’t contribute. I’ve organized a list of ideas for us so we could get started. I was thinking of doing something related to modern art. Please reply ASAP.”
“I’ve had enough, you laidback French imbecile. I’m coming over to your fancy little mansion right now.” Stacy threatened as she waited another day.
Stacy arrives and rushes to the door. Attempting to remain sophisticated, she looked for the door bell. “Why can’t you rich people just have a normal button like the rest of us.” She muttered. Finally, she gives up and bangs on the door as violently as possible.
Unkempt and messy, Pierre opened the door holding a cup of coffee. “Ah! Bienvenue a chez moi, mon amie, you are here at last!” He greeted.
“You! Do you not have any sympathy for anything, or anyone else?” She slams his coffee onto the ground. “Have I not emphasized the importance of this event to me and my family?”
Pierre frowned and tried to explain. “Non, you don’t understand. I’ve been working on a magnifique piece of abstract art.”
“What happened to the collaboration of our art styles?” Stacy pursued.
“And that is precisely why you’re here! Please, step right in and we shall complete our masterpiece.” Pierre welcomed her as he just walked over the coffee.
The dust and the disorganization suggested that the mansion has not been attended to for a while. “Do excuse the mayhem of my place, I have no idea how this occurred.” Apparently, Pierre couldn’t figure out what to do for his part, and he decided to steal art styles from other unknown artists.
Stacy was furious and scolded at Pierre. “Have you gone mad? The organization is going to know and we will be disqualified.”
Pierre seemed all too calm and relaxed for the situation. “Don’t worry, we won’t get caught, I’m confident about that.”
Stacy knew that they don’t have more time to make any changes, she kept quiet and went along with it.
Fastforwarding to the closing ceremony, the chief judge has announced the winning team. “Demonstrating a marvelous masterpiece of abstract realism, I declare the winners for this year’s featured works, Stacy Smith and Pierre Lacroix.” There display a colorful, blurry blend of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.
“How did you pull it off?” Asked Stacy while they were presented on stage.
“Let’s just say that sometimes money makes the world go round.” Pierre whispered and turned to smile at the crowd.


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