Literary Yard

Search for meaning

By: Jared Wun


I am the excitement felt when watching the clock
countdown the final minutes of a school day.
The rush of roaring cheers led by the stomps of eager feet,
echo throughout the hallway.

I am the stratosphere,
home to those that know no limits.
The vastness of the atmosphere acts like a drawer,
saving for later dreams destined to become reality.

I am the Macaw catching the gaze of busy eyes,
as my feathers fan out feverishly in the air.
The friendliest of companions,
I rejoice in socializing with newfound friends.

I am the thrill of late nights in the city.
The streets of Downtown Los Angeles,
filled with faces from near and far,
beckon your attention.

I am the booming, bassline
followed by static on a lo-fi rap track.
Wu-Tang’s 36-Chambers
have nothing on me.


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