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Outward Wind and other poems by Denny E. Marshall

By: Denny E. Marshall


  1. Outward Wind

Drawn to original candle
Flame burnt out long ago
Galaxies speed outward
Insects in dark gravity wind
Between wide arms of black
Friends cold and darkness live
Lurching in hidden shadows
Constant birth of rips and folds

2. Long Haired

You wish Rapunzel
Was still in castle tower
Instead of princess
You one of eighteen servants
Assigned to carry her hair

3. Starry Lesson

Stars play keys right in tune
The whole world is a room
There’re no gates or fences
Around the universe

4. Terra

Release herd of clouds
Dry dust desert
Turn into small ponds
With low vegetation
Plant first seeds
In garden on mars

5. The Unexplained

Whispers of lore and legends
Crept upon the sill
Shadows pretend to sleep
Synchronize to keep still
Movement like a phantom
Race unseen across the hill
Swirling clouds of unknown
Pools of mysteries fill
Sentinels of all secrets
Keys turn on pure will

6. Alternate

Alternate universe
One universe
On jury dismissed

7. Nebula Cold

On nebula
Could not finish poem
Sleep takes over
Slip into unconsciousness
Left in the cold
Unknown to me
Dreams take over
Finish the lines
Then wonder
Into black hole
View of other side
Didn’t share
Dark gravity threads
Visions open eyes
To dimensions
Twisting around


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