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By: Malini Misra


She craved for what she hadn’t seen,
She craved for love she hadn’t been,
She dreamed of a picket fenced home, with two children and a dog,
Little did she know life could also be an adventure,
She knew not what awaited her,
A home or the cage,
Thus is the brainwash of our society,
They sell girls homes and boys cars,
If only they sold us adventure and risk,
Women would think beyond babies, barbeques, lunches, and those lovely picket fences,
She would crave for more than a husband or a lover,
crave for more than passion and romance as her armour,
She would not settle just for a job,
But reach for something which kindles her heart,
I long for a day, which will come soon,
When girls will write their own fairy tales and stop looking for confined rooms.


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