Poem: Black Letters, White Paper

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick


Ocean roars
Eyes envision midnight blue, turquoise, teal, bronzed green
Not simply one, all precise
Tunnel vision, limited vision
Black and white
Closed minds remain
Hands intertwined; caramel and ivory

Why must they gawk?
Grey exists
Segregation, integration
Closed mind, open minds
Color blind

Cities, suburbs, small towns, wide-open country
Differences, perhaps
Compassionate hearts, intolerant minds
People are people
Purple people
Plaid people

Innocence of children
Inattentive to skin color
Who teaches fear?
Who teaches hate?
Differences unified

Heritage reflected
Cultural attire
Languages spoken
Religion practiced
Various pigments
Diversity strengthens
Diversity inspires

He loved her, she loved him
Differences invisible
Children of ethnicity
Children multiracial
Eyes of brown
Eyes of blue
Curly-headed bronze skin

Naked spirits
Love roared
Hate thrown out, garbage
Uniqueness upheld

Values instilled
Black and white
No, they scream
Our blood is red
Line erased

Judgements obscure
Abolish disdain
Voices declare equality
Breathe peace
Black letters, white paper
Conceive grey


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