Poem: Wandering Fish

By: Arina Yu


There is a fish that is always behind
trying to catch up to the others like Nemo.

Although the fish swims, the fish eats, and the fish simply lives,
its happiness is a crumbling cookie.

The fish’s face is never phased like a mask.
A deep pain begins to grow its branches from within.
It feels as if the oxygen is being filched by other fishes.

The intimidation of the owner is established by
taps on the glass walls, like Darla, which frightens the small fish.
It retreats back into its shelter,
too scared to move.

As days pass by,
the fish swims slower and slower.
In contrast, other fishes swim with energy,
so the owner is unaware of the tragedy heading it’s way.

The fish remembers the days that it used to wear beautiful scales,
but now it’s colors seems to have faded

The owner stands in shock as the other fishes casually swims around.
That day the owner discovers that the fish is dead.


Arina Yu enjoys the warm beaches of the Pacific Ocean. She has been a member of the USA national team for synchronized swimming that has competed internationally. Even though synchronized swimming takes up a whole year, Arina plays water polo and swim every weekday before synchro practices start.


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