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Renee’s Treasure by Indrani Sinha: A novel set in the Varanasi lanes


Renee’s Treasure by Indrani Sinha is a novel that claims to transport readers into the lanes and by-lanes of Varanasi through the protagonist – Renee. The author has endeavored to capture each and every aspect of the life that teemed back in those days in the streets of Varanasi. While the story promises to be an interesting one, the reader response would only determine whether the plot or the story has the required depth.

Told through Renee who lives in a Railway Colony in Varanasi with her family, the story at the first glance certainly urges readers to spare their time.

In the novel, Renee has been promised a birthday gift by her Dadaji. In a sudden turn of events, she has to hunt for it through the lanes and by lanes of Varanasi, helped by her friends Anita and Sacchu. It must be kept a secret from the adults as Renee chases her dream in a race against time.

If the author and the publisher are to be believed, the novel is action-packed, romantic in nature and mysterious enough to keep readers engrossed till the last page. Indrani’s maiden attempt will unfold tomorrow at a launch in a New Delhi book store.


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