Poem: Alone

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick


Alone dancing in the dark
No shadows appear
Moonglow creates a spotlight
Her face uncovered
No mask does she wear
Look into her heart
You will find her there

Alone, ah yes, but not lonely
The gods surround as her spirit wanders
Days filled with storms
Wondering if again the sun will shine
Alone not seeking comfort
No arms wrapped around her
She watches ships sail by
Oceans touch her soul
Her torch remains lit

Persevering for so long
Can she endure more sunless days
Is it the thunder and lightening
Is it the nonstop rain
Perhaps the puddles soaking her shoes
Will she fall this time
Eyes look upon
Wavering she is
Her balance must she keep

Alone to make decisions
Only hers to make
No one to discuss the pros and cons
Problems come to life
Quickly she marches forward
Another drops at her feet
“It’s just life,” she quips

Playing hard ball
Life takes her on
She’s tired, wearing down
Alone without a fan
She persists
Aiming for home plate
Life can’t win
She slides for herself
The score doesn’t matter
This game she won

The battle’s not over
Although the sun disappeared
In it’s place the moon arose
Clouds parted for the night
Stars dot the sky
She’s aware
Alone, not lonely
Alone to live her dreams

She won’t allow them to squash her
Her head’s up staring life down
The army camouflaged amongst the trees
If it’s required, fight she must
One approaches from the side, another in the rear, the bold ones hit her straight on
Alone she stumbles
Alone she falls
Alone she pulls herself up

Alone she walks away
The briar and dead branches scratch her face
Alone she wipes the blood from her face
The darkness is leaving
A grassy field appears
The mountains seem to part for the rising sun
She did indeed endure
Uncharacteristically, she smiles
Battles come, battles go, some visit passed their time
None have defeated
Alone she runs through the green blades
Flowers shimmer brightly
A new season begins
Perhaps the storms will not follow, but they always do

Glancing at the dirt and blood upon her skin
Hair tangled into knots
Clothes in disrepair
Her soul cares not
Alone she walks
Not with tears, but strength
She dances in the sunlight
Mesmerized by her shadow
The spotlight transformed
Her face uncovered
No mask does she wear
Look into her heart
You will find her there

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