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Review: Tales of an Unconscious Mind by Dr Nikhil Chandwani

By: Ramprasath


Balloon of reality, Wevolution, Third law of creation, DATA – Determination amplified to awareness, Newton’s approach………


That is what is all in this new book of Dr.Nikhil Chandwani, a 23-year-old young writer from India.

The peak of wisdom is, to see you as an inherent part of the vast Cosmos. Yes. Cosmos. We all are nothing but a minuscule of that cosmos, to observe a tiny bit of which, we have stationed Kepler in space.

There is nothing that our great minds like Newton, Einstein, Darwin have invented/discovered because everything is there carved in the functions of this mighty nature. All they have done is deconstructing those functions and have documented in a language understandable by weaker minds like us. What Nikhil has done in this book is one such thing, off-course in his own verbiage.

To me, this book appears as a complete documentation of how his mind perceives so many things that function in a very complex way. First of all, it is difficult to find people who are willingly come forward to dive in into discussion quenching the intellectual thirst on the secrets of this vast boundless Cosmos because it involves a great deal of Mathematics, complex Physics and Mechanics. Nikhil sounds that intrigued child who has a limitless curiosity in pursuit of nature and its functions which is very appreciatable.

I wish him best of luck with his new book. May god bless this curious child more heights to reach.

The book has been published by Prowess publishing and distributed by Amazon.


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