Poem: I’ve Been so Creative

By: Katie Lewington


my elbows sparkled with glitter
and my nose is smudged in glue
akin to baking cakes
but such an orgasmic feeling, my God
to be relating to the steady flow and
rhythm to the heart
in your soul
you cannot stay in one place
coffee wired balancing the tightrope

i’ve been so creative
i’ve cobbled together words
and sat in the park on the freezing cold
benches, one at a time
i’ve watched broken busted roses in the
gardens and the old ladies teeth chatter
as they walk the corner shop to the same
familiar corner shop
i’ve seen women throw up in the bushes
thinking she is being discreet
i have turned my eyes backwards
into my own head and constructed
paragraphs of nonsense
don’t we all wouldn’t we all like to escape
our harsh realities.


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