Poem: Some Days

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick


Average day it began
Woke up before dawn
Listened to 80’s favorites
Half awake phone vibrates
Call received at 7 am
A faraway friend
We chat as she drives
So far ordinary day it is
Checking emails, today’s calendar
One appointment for me, one for him
Looking for a home for her
Somewhere it all went wrong
He refused to go
Appointment was so-so
Mood blah
Pain overwhelming theme
Neither she nor he cooperative
My best, I tried
No one was pleased
Least of all me
Who’s looking out for me?
I’ve done for, given it all to them
I’m empty
What’s left of me?
Cut the ties many say
Future seems dim
Half a century wasted away
Never in love
No soulmate
Spirit diminished
Today is one of those days
Some days nothing is right
Some days all is wrong
No tears, no smile
Life’s grey this Wednesday
Not the worst, not the best
No one knows about my some days
Filled with frustration and heartache
Waiting for the hours to pass
Hungry; don’t eat
Tired; don’t sleep
Some days I wait for dusk
I care not the sun shone brightly
Darkness desired so this some day ends
Exhausted from this some day
I retreat
Longing for slumber
Eyes open; brain is in motion
Some days.


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