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Raymond Greiner’s ‘Millie and Ami’ is finally here


Raymond Greiner is one of the best email buddies of mine whom I appreciate and respect most. His stories have always inspired me and the Literary Yard readers. What I really find most interesting in him is the spirit of pushing on the limits and putting himself into situations that even young people are scared of. He’s constantly improved upon his  skills of story-telling.

Here are some examples of his stories published at Literary Yard:

Breaking Chains, The Objector. and Wolf Girl.

The reason I’m writing this is to tell our readers about the latest book – a fictional work – which is about to hit the stands. Based on the experience I’ve had of his works, I would recommend this book to the readers.

Here is the brief about his book:

The story of Millie and Ami reveals how a young girl entrapped in dreadful hopelessness discovers fulfillment through unforeseeable circumstances. Millie was plagued with hampering physical birth defects, which caused social rejection during formative years. Her birth parents were dysfunctional alcoholics and added no positive dimensions to Millie’s life. Millie displayed uncanny instincts to transcend social barriers. Fateful events combined with Millie’s resilience opened unperceived opportunities. Millie’s adoptive parents foisted the power of profound love lifting Millie to a living standard, which she was unaware existed. Her love bond with her adoptive parents created an atmosphere leading to serendipitous events including the precious gift of her beloved Ami. Millie’s journey exposed a myriad of challenging circumstances testing her physically and psychologically.




  1. Onkar: Thanks, so Onkar. This means so much to me. I forwarded it to all on my e mail list. Great fun. Raymond >

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