Poem: Marina Beach

By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey


The sprawling sands spread
around your girdle ,
greeting lofty and wild waves
on its naked bed.
Rising and falling waves like mermaids
sink into sublimated, sandy foams ;
losing their magical colours of mystery
The uproarious waves jump over
sun soaked bodies of tourists,
breaking the silence of the sea
and mingle with meandering beach.
The distant sailing rafts seem like painted ships
on crimson crystal sea, bathed
in dim and vanished sunlight.
fun making boys gather miniature shells
in silvery showers
and young lovers sink in arms
in heiroglyphic shadows,
stealing the gaze of patrolling police
on the vermillion sands.
Hawkers sing in chorus luring
deserting tourists to their delicacies
in slopped syllables and broken rhymes.
The cool breeze soothe the fevered frame
of frolicking frentic tides on the beach.

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