Books Reviews

i hate goodbyes

By: Linda M Crate


when it’s all over
all i have is me
so i’m going to love
myself better
so no one else ever has to,
and i don’t want to be
forever alone;
yet i don’t want to feel trapped either—
i want someone who understands
that i am a wild thing
restless and always contrary
to the design of society
i always want to stay when they want to go
and go when they want to stay
it’s just the way i was built i guess
to be a rebellion
even when i’m not meaning to be—
i am intense
always love with all of me and forever
even those who have long since
forgotten me
i just want someone i don’t have to try to forget
because i never could and never can
farewells have always been hard on me
because goodbyes are permenant
make ghosts of lovers and tombs of old friends,
and if i knew the way the stories would end
sometimes i think i would just forever
remain locked and alone
inside myself.


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