Literary Yard

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By: Linda M Crate


i was born american,
but i dream of
my grandmother is of
complete welsh ancestry
but i am the one that dreams
of forests and green
grows restless in these bones
of cities and towns
that don’t resonate with me—
i am the one endlessly
wanting adventure,
and the one forever drinking tea;
she feels comfortable at home
i am always seeking the place
that is home—
i have words, lyrics, and prose in my heart;
these fountains in me spill into every
avenue of my life
sometimes i think i love nature and words
more than actual people—
i have found that books make the best
of friends because they never
criticize you for who you are or where you came from
they just give you solace from whatever harsh
reality is hounding you and give you
new perspectives and knowledge
without ever judging you.


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