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An open letter to the other within

“In each of us there is another who we do not know.” –Carl Jung


Dear other within,

Hellooo in there! I’m speaking to you. Yes, you–the other within. I don’t know you. I was surprised to hear that you are in there. At the risk of appearing rude, may I ask what you are doing in there?

It seems to me, it would be dark and lonely … perhaps a bit damp. Why would you want to be in there? Or, my God! Is it that you have to be in there? That would be kind of like prison, I fear. If that is the case, please allow me to express my deepest regrets.

Unless of course you are there because you did something bad, maybe really bad. Did you do something really bad? And if so, why specifically are you in there? What am I, a maximum-security soul-space now? I feel afraid. Should I feel afraid? It’s not like you’ve done anything to me, after all. Or wait … have you done something to me … or even worse, have you done many things to me?

Come to think of it, I’ve been acting kind of weird lately. I can’t quite explain it, but sometimes I feel like someone else has been doing my thinking, my dreaming, and just generally messing with my moods. Was that you?

Good Lord, how long have you been in there? How long have you been fucking with me? No wonder I can’t get things right. This “car” has two steering wheels! Would you please leave now! I’m asking you nicely to leave now. You’re not going to leave, are you?

Okay, what to do … what to do? Well. Seeing how you’re stayin’, I might as well get to know you. My name is “Clay.” What is yours? Get comfortable in there (however you do that) because I have a feeling that we’re about to have a very long talk.

Yours (apparently) forever,
S. Clay Sparkman


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