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Poem: From the depths of my soul….

By: Neelam Singh


One day I will look back and see
The moments I have been through
The pangs of being in love
Oh the times of youth!

The married life agonies
The emotional terror
The duty of a submissive wife
The betrayal of my silent soul
The injustice that left stories untold

The moments, yes! Those moments
The lies and the disturbances

Alas my poor mind!
So much comprehension
To live, to let go, to love and forgive, or forgive and forget
So many questions left unanswered
So many questions life threw at my humble face
A physical bash heals in time
But a wounded soul, alas it takes a lifetime!

Fear implanted in my mind,
My heart has had its fight!
No more love scenes, trusting or believing
Life gave lemons
Marriage begot heaviness
The final link today had cuffs
You signed off the vows
Now, I understand it all
Let you go to live your life
Like a pencil, my heart was sharpened
Now sharp and alert
Never again will it get hurt!


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