Books Reviews

Poem: Grenade

By: Puja Devanand


Her days are numbered
Working itself backwards
There will be an end
Is it worse, not knowing at all
Or knowing when?


Would she dare fall in love?
Worm her way into a healthy heart
Settle into its breadth
Into its thudding beats
Finding empty spaces and making it hers
Until there is no space left at all

Then, comes her last day
The heart she lived in
Explodes Like a grenade
Do you know what happens,
When a grenade explodes?
It bursts open, an uncontrollable dam
Parts of it fly into the horizon
Never to be found again

If the heart does survive
Jagged pieces retrieved
Put together, like a puzzle
That doesn’t quite fit together
The empty spaces will gape open
Her smile wont fill it up
This heart will never be whole again

So, dare she fall in love again?

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