Mahadev Saha Poem: If I Don’t Compose Any Verse

By: Mahadev Saha
Translated by: Zunayet Ahammed


If I don’t compose any verse today,
A fair morning may not visit your home tomorrow
No Jasmine or Sheuli or Bakul will bloom
in a pique.
Maybe, the sky veils its face with black mist
Trees are then sitting in an agonized mood.
A single drop of dew does not fall all night
Winding plants too much thirsty,
Shrubs in sadness
All are speechless, bewildered
Colour is rather withering away from the clouds.
Birds have forgotten their notes
Rivers are without sweet murmur
Even the children are going away
Not taking their delicious breakfast
and leaving morning school’s enjoyable sports.
If I no longer write a poem today
Maybe, the science based aircraft
will not fly tomorrow morning
Drugs won’t work
Roses won’t be roses
Another’s wife who is very attractive for others will lose her charm
The moon will be sick and ailing
Flowers will be a rough hillock
Not a single worker will go to work
without my poetry.
If I don’t write a piece of poem
Normal movement will be stopped
in the world.


Zunayet Ahammed is Assistant Professor of English at Northern University Bangladesh (NUB)


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