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Mahadev Saha Poem: No Bus Takes Me Up

By: Mahadev Saha
Translated By: Zunayet Ahammed


I’ve been walking all my life
I’m busy running all the time
With the busy job of her family
She’s given me a concept of work in my spirit
She’s taught me love, temptation, manners
And the secrets of her eyes.
I’ve been walking with her image
for having a child
Going from one bus stop to another
Raising my hand for the bus
Addressing the bus driver
I’m in a hurry
to reach my destination
If I’m late, the gate will be clogged
People of the bus wave their hands
The haughty driver flies into a rage with ‘no’
His bus doesn’t take me up
I’m running again
In front of me there stands a double-decker bus
In the bus stand
Men are getting on and off
Then it leaves for the next station
Your hidden address is away from me
The city is full of buses
It’s difficult to move here
No room anywhere in the city to stand
All buses are full
The driver waves his hand
After reaching a bus stand
As if his hand is like a poster with houseful
In front of the cinema hall.

Whatever I say
I’ve got to go
No bus is waiting for me
To reach your place
But must I meet the Lady
And the family
The last bus full of men of 12 o’clock
Going away
Leaving me behind.
To your place
No bus takes me up.


Zunayet Ahammed is Assistant Professor of English at Northern University Bangladesh (NUB)

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