Poem: Your Body Is A Marching People

By: Mendes Biondo


I dreamed of us
and we were two
and we were many
we called each other
with the name of a people

I dreamed of our steps
the sand in the eyes
the drinking finished
into water bottles tired
as the blisters
walked under our feet

I dreamed that I loved you as a people
as a column of caravans
in a continuous march
I loved you as the ghibli
that cut our hands

we were a people
stopped at the oasis
restoring camels
telling stories
without sun fire

that people united
was just a dream


you are here
with your marching people
through the dunes
of your body

you are here
all cheeks to be kissed
all hands to be led
all eyes to be nourished
all mouth calling to be heard


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