Story: Everything passes

By: Balu George


If you look at social network profiles,
People are happy and upbeat one day,
Sad and downcast the next day.
I guess that is how life is.

Joy arises, grows and dies,
To be replaced by sadness,
Which too dies,
To be replaced by anxiety,
Which too dies.
To be replaced by something else.
Everything passes.

But if you must give me credit for something,
It is that I have been consistent in my melancholy.
As the Bard put it, “Sucking melancholy out of nothing”,
Is a past time I indulge in often.
I believe it is all right.
For from only melancholy or great sorrow,
Can the door to the other side open.
The sages have said it,
And I believe in the sages,
For I have exhausted all other options.


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