Poem: no more than stepping stones

By: Linda M Crate


majestic as a unicorn,
and every bit as tempermental;
i will gore anyone
who tries to steal the magic of others
because light must come from within
you cannot ascertain it from
shattering others, splintering them
with darkness and nightmares—

i am the dreamer queen
born of the moon and the sun burning
as bright as stars with petals soft as flowers
yet thorns sharp as roses
i will wield my tongue as a weapon
against any who would say that dreams are false
because they are more true than people

they give me and others wings so that we can fly
so try to understand all of our paths are different
we will not succumb to your version of reality
because we’re busy little bees building our own worlds
so we can get to our realms of honey,
and there’s nothing you can do to stop us because we
endure all the scorn you give us
using those cruel words as stepping stones to our success.

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