Literary Yard

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By: Linda M Crate


they say those who cannot see magic
will never find it
perhaps that’s why i’m always lost

in a crowded room
there’s never anyone who can see me
i slip past the crowd like a ghost

no one really notices me
unless they want something or crave
my spells but my magic

is only for those who can appreciate the broken
of my form as well as the majesty
because like any ocean i will roar against any

that don’t respect me
i am a daughter of the moon after all
drifting from flower to flower with flight and fancy

no one can tether me down
though they’ve tried
oh! but my heart is a wild thing

even my rib cage cannot stop it
no! i shall never be tamed
i will always be dreaming of the woods and the sea

flowers have more compassion for me
than humans and they open so beautifully as if smiling
nudging me to bloom & bloom every time i die

so i do
rising from the ashes like a phoenix
fashioning my chaos and ruin as a compliment

to show the world
my scars are beautiful and they could see that
if they’d only listen.


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