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By: Gary Van Haas


How Noble Are We…
Who move our brothers & sisters to battle,
Bone, blood and flesh lay ridden o’er the fields.

How Noble Are We…
To live in conjecture and false premise, allowing
blackened politicians rule the day.

How Worthy Are We…
Permitting disreputable religion cast our sway,
Guiding our course to often to dismay.

How Noble…
Our conscience moves toward decay.

How Noble Are We…
To stand naked before truth, bare, cleansed.
No barrier to dissway.

How Worthy Are We…
To realize the light… glorious bright white.

How Worthy Are We…
To know love, achieving great height.

How Noble Are We…
To realize the goal.

How Noble Are We…
To save our very soul.


Gary Van Haas is a film producer and screenwriter who worked many years as a top feature writer for The International Herald Tribune, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Time and Newsweek Magazines. Writer also sold a $30M book to movie deal for “The Devil’s Banker”:


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