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By: G Dean Manuel


I close my eyes, so I am blind,
I may ever seek, but how do I find?
Vision always got in my way,
in inky night, my heart risen, inclined.

I don’t need to see the day,
I am blinded by your sunlight’s play,
across this visage of unreality,
wish you would think to stay.

With sight, I thought in totality,
wage war against ugly with brutality,
unseeing, I now can see the charade,
only in the dark do I have dimensionality.

How do I apologize to my betrayed?
To tell that in the light I was afraid,
I never meant to only see you,
didn’t know life wasn’t how eyes portrayed.

Maybe my epiphany is too long overdue,
time moved on, I could not see your value,
I have no right, even upon bended knee,
so I’ll just use your memory to live up to.

In the dark, I’m blind but can better see,
the mirror never reflected the truth of me.



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